Fiorentina Prepare Extension for Arsenal-Linked Talent

Fiorentina are ready to reward Michael Kayode with a new contract after his early strong showings. The youngster was thrust into a big role after the starter Dodo suffered a major knee injury.

According to Corriere della Sera (via OneFootball), the prodigy has already commenced drawing big-time suitors, especially from abroad, but the Viola want to repel them with the help of a sizeable renewal.

Kayode, who’s fresh off the Primavera side and debuted in the pros this season, makes just €30k annually. Fiorentina are mulling raising his wages to €1M, bringing them to the level of the other regulars. The new expiry date will likely be 2028.

Vincenzo Italiano decided to keep the prodigy on the squad after a stellar run with the Azzurrini in the U-19 European championship last summer. Dodo suffering a major injury opened the door to the XI for a few months. So far, he has dished one assist in seven appearances in Serie A and the European Conference League.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Arsenal started poking around the 19-year-old talent, but the Gigliati have every intention of keeping him for a few years.

Our Take on Kayode

It’s a no-brainer. He had some minor lapses that come with inexperience and a bit of over-eagerness, but, all things considered, he couldn’t have fared any better on either phase to start his career, as he contained some mighty opponents already.

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