Fiscal Benefits on Foreigners Moving to Serie A Tweaked

Serie A sides have saved on taxes on foreigners in the last few years, but that will slightly change starting from the summer. Although, the modifications were not as profound as the Football Association asked. Instead, the clubs were in favor of keeping things as they were.

Thanks to the Decreto Crescita, Italian teams enjoy significant fiscal benefits on the salaries of players transferring from abroad. The Italian parliament changed the law yesterday to limit its abuse. It will be applicable only for wages above €1M. Moreover, it will no longer be valid for U-21 youngsters, La Repubblica informs.

The move is supposed to slow down the influx of foreigners into the youth academies of Serie A sides and especially in the lower categories. The impact will likely be minor among the minnows of the top league, though.

The tweak results from a compromise, and it has drawn criticism from each side. FIGC president Gabriele Gravina wished to cancel the rule altogether to have more Italian players on the pitch. Instead, League president Lorenzo Casini, representing the outfits, did not want to alter it for its obvious economic advantages.

The representatives of the political parties voted down a proposal by sports undersecretary Valentina Vezzali, which would have set the threshold at 500k. Instead, they approved an amendment by senator Tommaso Nannicini. The other parameters did not change. Foreigners must be arriving in the Serie A for the first time, or have spent two seasons abroad, and pen at least three-year contracts to be eligible.