Free Agent Defender Angling for Napoli Return Despite Multiple Offers

Nikola Maksimovic is still without a team after his contract ran out in June. Even though he received some interest from abroad, his top option would be to re-up with the Partenopei. The defender admitted it in an interview with Napoli Magazine.

“I am currently a free agent, and I am working every day to be ready for my new team. I am fine physically and would return to Napoli in a hurry. The city welcomed my family very well. We built some lifelong friendships. My kids are acquired Neapolitans at this point and are very comfortable in their current schools.”

“If Napoli wanted to, I am willing to start the negotiation to reach an agreement on the wages and continue together. I esteem Luciano Spalletti, and I would like to work under him. He is an experienced coach and pays a lot of attention to the details. I followed their first friendlies, and you can see that they are a very tight group. It will be a very busy season, and there will be room for everybody. The goal is to get the best possible result in every competition. If the fans are disappointed, it is up to the squad to win them back.”

Maksimovic concluded: “I have received four offers, two from France, one from Turkey, and one from Qatar. But I do not want to leave Italy and Napoli is my priority.” Lazio were reportedly keen on him early on, but things changed with the appointment of Maurizio Sarri. The Partenopei did not add a new center-back to replace him.