Fringe of Fiorentina Fans Contested “Juventus Fan” Dusan Vlahovic

A few Fiorentina fans that traveled to Venice yesterday lashed out at Dusan Vlahovic after the game. They hurled insults at him, in particular for the links to Juventus. They called him “gobbo”, a typical derogatory remark reserved to the Bianconeri. It was a clear minority of the 750 people present, but the offenses were audible.

The incident happened when Fiorentina walked toward the away sector of the stadium for the post-game greetings, La Gazzetta dello Sport reports. Some supporters cheered on the squad, but a niche of them started badmouthing the Serbian striker. His teammates, in particular Lorenzo Venuti, tried to defend him, saying that he always respected the Viola.

It remains to be seen what kind of environment Vlahovic will find at the next home game. The tensions with the club for not signing an extension boiled over during the second international break. President Rocco Commisso announced that the starlet turned down every offer. He is under contract with Fiorentina until 2023.

Some rumors suggest Juventus are behind the move and will try to acquire him next summer. Others indicate a transfer to the Premier League, to Manchester City or Liverpool, is more likely, maybe even in January. His agents are clearly angling for a move to a bigger club to get a richer salary and cash in on the commissions.

After the statement by the chairman, the entourage of the forward leaked that Fiorentina rejected a €60M offer in the summer. The bid was coming from Atletico Madrid, SportMediaset reports.