Gasperini and Atalanta Brass Meet to Discuss the Future

Gian Piero Gasperini and the Atalanta hierarchy had their first summit after arithmetically punching their ticket to a European competition next season. Which one will be determined in the final Serie A round. The gaffer raised major concerns following the loss to Inter. The early round of talks didn’t expedite a break-up, Sky informs.

The boss stated over the weekend.

“There’s great respect between the management and me, but I don’t know if we will come to an understanding.”

The Atalanta execs explained their plans for the summer, and Gasperini chipped in with his ideas. He believes they should overhaul the squad significantly and make it younger to better cope with their more packed schedule in 2023/2024.

Per Tuttomercatoweb, the visions of the two parties diverge substantially. The officials lamented possible difficulties in the transfer market because of today’s price tags and economic constraints. They didn’t come to a final decision Monday. There will be another, and possibly decisive, meeting next week.

Gasperini is already tied to Atalanta for another season, plus the club has an option to tack on an extra year. The contract of the boss wasn’t discussed since his future hangs in the balance. The front office would be willing to hand him an extension if they concurred on the strategy. Moreover, they asked him to have a more sober communicating style. He has often had quips and zingers toward the management or regarding the quality of the roster at this disposal as of late.

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