Gasperini Comments on Strategy, Scamacca, and Goalies

Atalanta coach Gian Piero Gasperini offered interesting remarks about their squad and philosophy in an interview with L’Eco di Bergamo.

“It would worry me if we started to think like those big teams that necessarily need to play in Europe for economic reasons. We’d become a losing club if that happens. It’s not that it’s not meaningful, but how you get there is more important. Selling Rasmus Hojlund is like qualifying three times.”

Gasperini isn’t pleased with the schedule.

“I’m bothered by where they put the make-up game with Inter: three days after the clash with Milan. We’ll be the last ones to play. There was room in previous weeks. Super League? The whole system is pushing toward a group of elite teams, and Atalanta mess with that, but we always elbow our way in.”

The coach dished on his strikers and alluded to the pecking order.

“El Bilal Touré could be similar to Luis Muriel, with inferior shooting skills but more burst. Gianluca Scamacca must run more because he doesn’t do it enough.”

Gasperini also took stock of their goalkeeping situation, as Juan Musso might be on his way out after losing the starting job.

“You can have two worthy options, but they need to do it willingly. If that’s not the case, I’ve never kept a player reluctantly. Marco Carnesecchi belongs to the model I have in mind. The good of the team will always come first for me.”

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