Gasperini Still Bitter about Referee’s Decisions in Atalanta-Fiorentina

Atalanta gaffer Gian Piero Gasperini addressed the upcoming Salernitana game: “Every match is difficult. It will be the third one in eight days. It will be a nice test to see what we can do in Serie A. We will face a hot environment, and we have everything to lose.”

“I have always tried to use the five subs thus far, then some rotation is natural. The Villarreal match was demanding. Playing in the Champions League is rewarding, but it takes a toll. You always find teams with tremendous technique and intensity there. Those contests help you improve.”

“Atalanta have no absences besides Martin De Roon and Luis Muriel. He is improving and we will see how he progresses in the next few weeks. It could be the right occasion to field Teun Koopmeiners, but I have not decided yet. He is a quality player and sometimes you have to take chances.”

“Atalanta collected just one point against Bologna and Fiorentina, but you know what my thinking is. We try to put things behind us, but there were influential episodes there that tend to repeat themselves in Italy, always in the same direction. We have been unlucky in that regard, I will put it like that.”

“Franck Ribery can be a leader at every level for Salernitana despite his age. Josip Ilicic is eager to do well. We are trying to get him back in tip-top shape physically. He is a little overweight and that prevents him from being consistent. But he is always a factor every time he plays. He is not ready for full minutes, but he will be later on. He is key for us. Aleksey Miranchuk is not an enigma for Atalanta, it is a matter of expectations. We are working to make him grow.”