Gianluigi Buffon Expected to Leave Serie A Following Juventus Farewell

Gianluigi Buffon had already decided to leave Juventus a few weeks back. While the tone of his interview might have come off as a little blunt, it did not surprise the club. The conversation with journalist Majid Sbaoui was scheduled a month ago and was taped before the match versus Milan. The 43-year-old goalkeeper feels he can still be a starter elsewhere, but he is unlikely to stay in Italy, La Gazzetta dello Sport reports.

Atalanta made him an offer in the last window and will make another attempt. They are the Champions League side the 2006 World Cup winner hinted at. Roma are also considering making a run at him on a suggestion by José Mourinho. However, Buffon does not want to face the Bianconeri and is keener on moving abroad, probably outside of Europe.

His agent Silvano Martina is canvassing the possible destinations in MLS, but the Middle East is a more concrete option at this stage. He has had established important relations with that part of his world during his time at PSG, and he made his announcement in Arab on Bein Sports, which Al-Thani owns. He is reportedly looking for a different type of experience, and the monetary element will not play a major factor, the outlet indicates.

Buffon expected to start being groomed for a possible future role inside the Juventus front office, but there were no overtures on that front due to the peculiarity of the season. The two parties will re-discuss the matter once he retires.