Giorgio Armani Reminisces ‘Maradona’ Sky Blue for Napoli Kit Design

As the most successful designer of Italian origin, 87-year-old Giorgio Armani took his first steps in the world of football by providing the kit design for one of Serie A’s most reputed teams.

Napoli will be wearing Armani’s first football shirt ever this season – the ‘EA7’ sport brand features on the upper chest area of the kit.

The designer wear has manufactured all three – home, away and third – kits, keeping it simple with traditional blue, white and red colours respectively.

The Piacenza-born fashion magnate spoke to GQ magazine in an exclusive interview and gave his thoughts on his line’s first step in football.

He said: “The shade of blue that used recalls the one that Diego Maradona used to wear, of course. But blue is also the official colour of the team. I went for a soft option that was organic with what Napoli have done in the past, interpreting it with my own sense of colour, shape and balance.”

The master designer was full of praise for the southern city of Naples, which he believes to be a rather ’unique’ place.

“Naples is such a unique place. Naples is a city full of energy and life, even chaos sometimes. And it is full of wonderful people. I have always been fascinated by its striking contrasts, by its bright colours, and by the richness and complexity of its cultural heritage,” he explained.

The club’s main Italian shirt sponsor Kappa ended their contract with the club at the end of last season, paving way for the Emporio Armani sub-brand to take over.