Giroud Wants Milan to Take Advantage of Opportunity to Distance Inter

Olivier Giroud will play in his first Derby della Madonnina over the weekend: “It is an important match because it would be nice to send Inter to minus ten points in the standings, even though the season is still long. It will be a fundamental but not decisive game. We have the weapons to win it, despite the strength of the opponent. We must have self-confidence given our position.” 

Giroud could have joined Inter in the past: “In life and throughout a career, there are the right moments to make the right choices. Joining Milan was the best one for me. My family and I feel great in this city. We are enjoying life, and my hometown Grenoble is nearby.”

Stefano Pioli has rarely used him and Zlatan Ibrahimovic together: “We could complement each other, at least in some matches. I hope it happens more often. Zlatan and I have a normal relationship. He is a very gregarious person and a great professional. We have a good dialogue. He could look self-centered from the outside, but that is not the case. His longevity is impressive. The mentality makes the difference. I could follow his example and play for a few more years at high levels.”

Giroud believes Milan could still advance in Champions League: “Math still gives us a chance. We have the quality to do well. This is a well-constructed team that will go places and win a lot. There is a great atmosphere in the stadium.”

Giroud also weighed in on Pioli in his interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport: “I was most impressed by his energy. He transmits positive strength. He stays close to the players, and he is honest. I think he is very capable tactically because he can adapt to the opponents too.”