Giroud Wants to Stay but No Real Talks with Milan Yet

Olivier Giroud isn’t ready to pack up his bags and move to a less competitive league, but the negotiation to extend his expiring Milan contract is in its infant stages, as he told Le Journal du Dimanche (via Sky).

“I’d like to stay. My deal is up in June, but I have yet to talk with the club, contrary to what the media say. I’d like to continue here, and I think I have what it takes to do it. My belief is that I can still be useful to this team.”

“I’m not eternal and I’ll try to push through the limits. Actually, I don’t set any for myself. I’m truly in love with this sport and want to enjoy myself as much as possible. I’m not ready to quit. If there’s still gas in the tank, why not?”

Giroud touted his Milan move and stay so far.

“I was a fan during their heyday in the 2000s. It was a blessing for me to join this club. What I have achieved throughout my career goes beyond the dreams I had as a kid. I’ve no regrets and would do the same things all over again.”

Giroud lauded the Italian supporters.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. They are incredible and have real passion and love for the team and their colors. I just try to be myself, and nobody is perfect. I made a mistake against Lecce, but I didn’t insult the referee. There are moments when you should show restraint.”

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