Godin Rips Cagliari after Exclusion, Announces Departure

Diego Godin was frozen out by Cagliari, alongside Martin Caceres, ahead of the Juventus game. The veteran has struggled to stay healthy in the early portion of the schedule. The Sardinians have decided to move on from the duo also to because of their salaries.

Godin reacted to Radio Sport 890: “Nothing odd happened. I would like to go into details, but I can not right now. I will not speak until I leave the club, which will obviously happen at this point. It was not a matter of professionalism or lack of respect. There are some contractual reasons, and the club has been in a complicated situation for a year. There would be a lot more to say, and maybe I will be able to expound on this down the line.”

Godin had lowered his wages as Cagliari requested: “I extended my deal a few weeks ago to do them a solid, spreading things out. But I had already started considering departing in January. We will see what the destination could be. I just want to reiterate that Caceres and I never disrespected our team. There is something more going on.” 

Director Stefano Capozucca had called some players “ignoble” after the recent drubbing at the hands of Udinese and before the cull. CEO Mario Passetti backtracked yesterday: “There are no scapegoats, and everybody is responsible for our position in the standings.” A return to Atletico Madrid, Betis, Valencia, and Racing are the possible landing spots for Godin after leaving Cagliari, Tuttomercatoweb reports.