Gravina Calls for Rescheduling of Serie A Round to Aid Italy

The Football Association wants Serie A to postpone a matchday to help Italy in the upcoming World Cup playoffs. The clubs had previously rejected such proposal because the schedule was too crowded. Moreover, they have yet to find room for some of the matches that did not take place because of COVID-19.

President Gabriele Gravina reiterated the request to Radio Rai: “I am sorry because some political dynamics have been mixed with the national team in recent days. We must qualify, and we have the means to do it. We put ourselves in harm’s way by missing two pivotal kicks. Now we are facing two sudden elimination matches.”

“Italy have already proved to be able to react in these instances, and we hope Serie A will show some support. Roberto Mancini would have a few more days to prepare the games. We are working on it, but there are also some cup fixtures to consider. We are aware Italian football need to shake off some rust and cobwebs that have been accumulating for years.”

The Federation has been feuding with the League over the revision of the bylaws: “The majority of teams want reforms, others prefer the status quo and are stalling them. We acted correctly with our demands because the current rules stop change.”

According to La Repubblica, Serie A might elect a new head as soon as Tuesday. The club owners are zeroing in on the candidacy of Carlo Bonomi, the current leader of the General Confederation of Italian Industry.