Head Referee Approves Call on Deby d’Italia Handball

It’s still up to debate whether Adrien Rabiot really touched the ball with his arm in the lead-up to Filip Kostic’s game-winning goal in Sunday’s clash between Inter and Juventus. The Nerazzurri are adamant about it.

According to Sportmediaset, coordinator Gianluca Rocchi sides with referee Gianluca Chiffi and VAR assistant Paolo Silvio Mazzoleni because there wasn’t a definitive image. Therefore, it was right to stick with the call on the pitch. In addition, the long review, which lasted nearly four minutes, demonstrates that the duo thoroughly evaluated the situation. It was also assessed whether Dusan Vlahovic committed the same infraction.

Reports about the release of the conversation started circulating Monday. It hasn’t happened yet, and it might not. At this stage, there’s no press conference scheduled to divulge it and explain what occurred. The association has resorted to this instrument on a few select occasions when there were clear mistakes in the past.

While Rocchi agrees with how such episode was handled, he didn’t like how Chiffi managed the game overall. The bout between Inter and Juventus was a test for him, as he hasn’t officiated many games of this caliber. In addition, the coordinator was highly bothered by Simone Inzaghi’s words and tone. The coach deemed it a show of disrespect, but the length of the process disproves that. He might soon publicly reprimand the Nerazzurri coach and Roma. The Giallorossi have resumed waging war on referees after Roger Ibanez’s red card and other recent calls they consider erroneous.

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