Heads of Referees Vehemently Reject Sarri Accusations

Maurizio Sarri stated after the loss against Napoli that the referees were either incompetent or had it out against Lazio. The feud has been going on since he took over the Biancocelesti. Coordinator Gianluca Rocchi addressed it during a press conference from the HQ of the Football Association (via Ansa).

“I’ve know him for several years. He’s Tuscan like me and he tends to exaggerate at times. His words were hurtful, and I hope to never something like that again. They are problematic for the whole system. I can accept poor technical evaluations, even though I disagree with them. You can say anything about our officials, but not that they have a vendetta against anybody. He was referring to other tilts too. The remarks after games are always heated. If coaches didn’t speak about the episodes in the 12 hours after matches, there would be no controversy on Monday.”

Alfredo Trentalance, the head of the referees’ association, was more stern towards Sarri and his alluding statements (via Corriere dello Sport).

“They were inacceptable, and the prosecutor is investigating them. He has to tell us what he was referring to and if we are his interlocutors. I understand that there could be a communciation strategy behind it, and that’s why the time isn’t ripe for us to explain decisions on TV. But there are the right places, times and methods to complain. Everything we give is earned and not a privilege. Only the mob operates the other way around.”

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