Here We Go Again with the Morata Buzz: Where Could He Land?

Like clockwork since Alvaro Morata transferred to Atletico Madrid, every window seems the right one for his return to Serie A, with most top sides interested in his services. He’s a perfectly fine striker and an easy fit in most schemes thanks to his all-around skillset, especially after one of the most prolific seasons of his career. Yet, this level of attention and frequent chatter is a tad unwarranted.

As his remarks allude to, it’s no secret that he had a great time in the Peninsula, while he’s apparently quite miserable in Spain due to the burden of expectations and other aspects despite his newfound scoring touch. Could it finally be time for his much-buzzed-about move back?

As has always been the case, the deal would be pricey and isn’t for everybody. According to Calciomercato, there’s a low release clause in the contract extension he signed last summer, €12M, although not all source agrees on its amount. On the other hand, his wages are significant, about €6.5M net, €12M gross since the ‘Decreto Crescita’ has been suppressed for the most part. He’s not getting any younger. The next one will probably be the final large deal of his career, barring a spell in an exotic league later on.


Rumor has it that Morata would be very glad if another reunion with the Bianconeri came to be, but it’s pretty unlikely. The Old Lady would need to part ways with two strikers, Moise Kean and Arkadiusz Milik, before signing another one. Atletico Madrid would have brought in the former in January on loan if it wasn’t for an injury, so there could be something there again.

Though, The Pole is a perfectly fine deputy and is a lot less expensive salary-wise. He has stated that he’s not going anywhere. His meniscus tear would make it hard to offload him if the team had different plans. Furthermore, they’ll play with just one center-forward. They are apparently all-in on Dusan Vlahovic, so the Spaniard would have to settle for a secondary role. It wouldn’t be great for him, and it’d be a misuse of resources for the team.


Instead, the Rossoneri do need a new starter and have been stuck on Joshua Zirkzee, with good reasons. We’ll see how much that will go on before they get fed up with his entourage. Morata is more mobile and less physical, but he’s not far off from Olivier Giroud in terms of traits. He’d interplay well with his teammate. Given their wingers, it’d be ideal for them to sign a player with those characteristics. They are one of the few clubs that could stomach his wages.

However, their management is already under fire for their coaching choice and can’t possibly cheapen out on the no.9. It’d be a little unfair, but that’d be what it would like. They have been plotting a major acquisition in such a role for months. Coming up empty-handed, settling for a solid but not stellar player would only further enrage the fans, even though it could work well on the pitch.


The Partenopei are in a pickle with Victor Osimhen. Such an affair is further proof that you need to strike while the iron is out on big sales, or you have to be ready to keep the player, or settle for a lot less, as you never know what can happen in season. Surely, agreeing to a new contract last summer with the purpose of facilitating a sale was a very odd move, even if it gave them leverage. Even too much considering what’s happening.

Alas, they’ll have to be patient, but they’ll probably find a way out eventually, even at the cost of a few million. His giant wages have already caused an internal ruckus. Morata can surely play as the tip of the spear in any scheme, but Antonio Conte prefers somebody more muscular who can serve as a proper reference point. It’s not so sure it’ll be Romelu Lukaku, but they probably won’t go too far trait-wise. Compared to their previous MO, it’d be unusual if they invested big on a player they’d have no chance of selling in the next few years. It’d be a testament that the new boss and Giovanni Manna have really been given carte blanche and aim to assemble an instant team.


The Giallorossi are no strangers to taking in players who didn’t feel wanted and gratified elsewhere and pampering them. They’d have to find a solution for Tammy Abraham first, as it’d be too burdensome to their finances to have two expensive strikers; plus, it’d be an awkward cohabitation. It won’t be easy, as the Englishman didn’t look good after his injury, which was understandable, while his second-year regression was baffling. Even the second-tier Premier League teams have plenty of dough, so perhaps one will bail them out with a respectable offer.

If that happened, they’d be the most logical landing spot despite his substantial, although not absurdly high, wages. His former teammate Paulo Dybala would surely provide positive reviews. Lukaku and Daniele De Rossi eventually made it work just enough not to make it a problem, but it was pretty clear that the tactics of the gaffer would have worked better with somebody less static and more technical spearheading the frontline, and Morata would be just that.

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