Ibrahimovic Not Joining Milan Front Office for Now

After paying a visit to the squad and Stefano Pioli at the training center, Zlatan Ibrahimovic had a meeting with owner Gerry Cardinale in a hotel in downtown Milan and then watched the Newcastle game from the San Siro stands.

According to Corriere dello Sport, the brass is very keen on onboarding the legend. However, it wasn’t a proper job interview. The former striker has yet to decide what to do next. He’s taking time off after retiring. He has to tend to a few businesses outside the football realm as well.

Ibrahimovic showing up at the Milan training center won’t be a one-off even though his hiring isn’t imminent. The club will probably better time his appearances. Coming in after the heavy defeat in the Derby undermined Stefano Pioli at little.

Other than chatting with the coach, the icon reportedly asked about the newcomers he was unfamiliar with.

Per La Gazzetta dello Sport, Milan are thinking about Ibrahimovic either for the technical staff or something similar. They want to keep him close to the players to help and inspire them. The gaffer is surely in favor, as the two are on great terms. Instead, a role as a brand ambassador wouldn’t be impactful and wouldn’t properly take advantage of his charisma.

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