Ibrahimovic Updates on Recovery, Talks Barcelona Spell

On top of some incendiary remarks about the state of Ligue 1, Zlatan Ibrahimovic also took stock of how the rehab from knee surgery was going in an interview with Canal+ (via Goal).

“I don’t know when I will return. We’ll see when things are better. I’ve suffered for too long, and I don’t want to rush it. Age doesn’t change anything, because the quality is still there. It’s a matter of motivation and passion. It’s not about receiving, but giving. When you are younger, you have a different ego. Now I want to do it more and for as long as possible.”

Some rumors about a possible retirement circulated last month, but Ibrahimovic appears determined to come back following an ACL tear, even though the timetable is uncertain. The star explained his mentality.

“I’ve wanted to go far and be a star right from day one. It’s not about objectives, as I wished to be the most complete footballer. I worked hard and made sacrifices, and that made me grow as a person.”

The Swedish ace doesn’t regret being unable to lift the Champions League.

“I didn’t change the way I play to win it. I’m still the best player with or without it.”

Ibrahimovic also looked back at his turn at Barcelona.

“It’s my worst memory, but not because of football. When I was there, I was thinking too much. I let myself down because I was doing things differently. I often second-guessed myself before acting. That was disappointing. I lost my identity there, but I rediscovered it afterward and that allowed me to conquer the world.”

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