Immobile Shares Special Mihajlovic Bond: “His Death Touches Us”

Serie A icon Sinisa Mihajlovic’s death shook the footballing fraternity, as the 53-year-old Serbian succumbed to Leukemia following a three-year-long battle against the deadly disease. Lazio’s Ciro Immobile has spoken out regarding his relationship with the ex-Bologna manager.

“Mihajlovic’s death touches us, on a human level he was one of the people I spoke to the most. Lately we have often talked in the clinic, my family and I are very close to him. This is a truly painful loss, he was loved by all and will surely be missed. His is a beautiful and humble family, exceptional boys. It’s not rhetoric, I’m an example.” (via LazioNews24)

The Biancocelesti marksman also spoke about how they shared a deep bond.

“Even when we played against Bologna, we took the walk to the bus together telling me about his house in the mountains that my wife wanted to emulate. Lately, I saw him in too much pain.”

Mihajlovic underwent three rounds of chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant in a bid to fight the illness. However, he passed away last week after a hard-fought battle. He spent six years in the Lazio jersey, from 1998 and 2004, playing an iconic part in the Biancocelesti’s second-ever Scudetto title in 1999/00.

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