Iniesta Talks Second Game Between Barcelona and Inter

Andres Iniesta is confident Barcelona could defeat Inter Wednesday, but he’s wary of Simone Inzaghi’s side. He expounded on the game to La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“The previous result was very negative for the Blaugrana given its consequences. The tilts with the Nerazzurri are always heated and challenging. Anything can happen. As for the controversies, it’s normal to express your disappointment when you are negatively affected. In my mind, those plays were clear, even though hand-balls are always subject to interpretation and can generate different points of view.”

Iniesta added that there will be more at stake for Barcelona in the second tilt versus Inter.

“It will be vital for the qualification. They will face a strong team. I expect the Catalans to take command and the Nerazzurri to wait considering that they could live with a draw. Champions League is a matter of details, and you get punished if you make mistakes. They have a great opportunity to take a step forward and I hope they manage.”

The legendary midfielder dished on the current state of the Blaugrana.

“Looking for afar, I think they are a little too emotionally unstable. They have a good system and a complete roster, and they have done an excellent work. Their trust level must always remain high and can’t swing so easily. Gavi and Pedro can learn a lot from Xavi and Sergio Busquets. They are very young but already strong and have a spectacular future ahead of them. I don’t think the comparisons hurts them, as they don’t seem to feel the pressure. They have the it factor. They have fun on the pitch and they don’t shy away from their responsibilities.”

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