Inter and Milan Seek Definitive Answers on San Siro

Even though Inter and Milan are carrying out separate projects to build new solo stadiums, the one in the San Siro area hasn’t been abandoned yet. The two clubs sent a letter to the Mayor to ask for conclusive responses on the current arena, even using a referendum if need be, Rai informs.

In particular, they want the local administration and the government to rule on whether or not the Giuseppe Meazza can be torn down once and for all. It hinges on an architectural restriction on part of it that might not be overruled.

Councilman Enrico Marcora commented.

“All the buildings that are at least 70 years old have constraints. We need to issue a large international bid and restructure San Siro.”

In parallel, Milan are taking concrete steps in the nearby San Donato town, while Inter are probing an area in Rozzano. Their fallback plan isn’t as advanced as much as the one of their ‘cousins.’

The political representatives wish that the new stadium would stay within the confines of the city despite the lengthy procedure and the many problems that have arisen along the way. Most believe the two sides are bluffing with their projects elsewhere.

Lombardy president Attilio Fontano weighed in.

“If there are no alternatives, I think we should all back Milan, and Inter too should they do something similar.”

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