Inter CEO Beppe Moratta Explains Club’s Commitment to Player Wages

Inter might have endured arguably their hardest ever league campaign from a financial aspect, but Inter CEO Beppe Marotta has explained how the Nerazzurri remain one of the only clubs to pay players wages in full during the pandemic season – having not offset or reduced any salaries.

The Nerazzurri executive shone light on the topic of reduction of wages for players, which ultimately culminated into the club not imposing any discounts.

Speaking at the Festival dello Sport in Trento (via FCInter1908), Marotta talked about the ‘golden world’ of the football elite, emphasizing that Nerazzurri player wishes were respected throughout the last two years or so.

“The players have not yet understood well. They live in a golden world, they earn a lot. They are not used to having to face the problems that every family faces in everyday life. They are very young boys. It is up to us to try to educate them, train them, give them a culture,” he said.

He further said that the club’s condition was not well understood from a pure financial sense.

“There was an awareness on the part of the players in understanding the drama but it was understood more from the point of view of safeguarding their health than in the context of reasoning with the club about a reduction in wages .”

Finally, he revealed that very few clubs in Italy respected player contracts, given the fact that they had to endure a loss, which Inter did.

“Nonetheless, Inter was one of the few clubs in Italy that fully respected the contracts with their players , we paid all the salaries, we didn’t get any discount from the players but we did it also in light of the performances. in these two years made of results. After a polite discussion with the players, we decided not to push too hard to do something they didn’t feel like doing (reduce the salary).”