Inter Chief Reacts to Latest Loss, Sticks by the Coach

Inter CEO Giuseppe Marotta renewed the club’s trust in Simone but wished for more consistency in an interview with Sky following the defeat against Bologna.

“The results of the last few years are satisfying considering what we achieved overall. We are currently in the running for the Champions League and Coppa Italia and won the Supercoppa. On the other hand, Serie A is always the most coveted competition. We have had too much discontinuity. The squad and the coach need to do more to solve this issue.”

“We have collected just 2 out of possible 12 points against the minnows in 2023. We have to analyze why it happened. The management is ready to support the players and the boss, but we don’t want alibis. We demand motivation and concentration to avoid losing sight of this year’s goal, which is to qualify for the Champions League.”

Marotta spoke highly of Inzaghi.

“He’s a young, prepared, and capable gaffer. We have always had faith in him, and he’s doing an excellent job, but the opponents are part of the equation too. We led Serie A for three/fourths of the past season before slipping. Napoli are smashing every record, and we have to adjust. We are competing for two other cups, and we must give some satisfaction to our fans. The locker room is very compact.”

“We liked how Lautaro Martinez behaved, as he showed attachment to tour colors. It’s premature to say whether Romelu Lukaku will stay. He’s a Chelsea player, and there will be a new scenario at the end of the season. He wants to continue with us, but we’ll see whether we’ll negotiate his return next summer.”

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