Inter Curva Nord Prepares Torrid Welcome for Lukaku

The collision course between Inter and Roma is roughly a month away, as it will go down on October 29th, but the Nerazzurri faithful are already making preparations for the much-awaited return of Romelu Lukaku in San Siro following the tipsy-turvy transfer market saga.

The Curva Nord announced they will hand out 50k whistles to express their disappointment (via OneFootball).

“We circled the date on the calendar to voice all our disgust toward who turned his back to us in the most disgraceful fashion. He proved to be a little man. You need to keep your word to be a champion. We strongly defended you in the past, and that’s how you repaid us.”

“Before the Roma game, we will distribute 50k whistles to utilize tirelessly every time the one who betrayed our jersey touches the ball. Let’s show how those who proved to be unworthy of wearing our colors get treated.”

Inter was in advanced talks to orchestrate the return of Romelu Lukaku on a permanent deal from Chelsea last summer. However, they backtracked once they found out he was also negotiating with Juventus and was open to joining their archrivals. The Nerazzurri would have acquired him outright for about €40M. In the end, he didn’t join the Old Lady either and wound up at Roma on a season-long loan.

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