Inter Executive Lauds Fighting Spirit Shown Against Napoli

Inter director Piero Ausilio praised the squad for the gritty win over Napoli: “The game could not have gone any better. We run into some troubles at the end. However, overcoming difficulties is in our DNA. Struggling a little is fine if it ultimately leads to great success. We showed our true character. The match strengthened our convictions.”

The executive talked during an event to commemorate Mauro Bellugi: “I am here to honor a person I was very fortunate to meet. He had great irony and loved life and Inter. He really gave me a lot. I saw him at dinner a few times. He often beat me playing cards, where I never measured up to him.”

Simone Inzaghi hinted in the post-game presser that Joaquin Correa and Nicolò Barella subbed off early because they were a little banged up. However, there were no new injuries to report in the first practice of the week, Sky Sport reports. Only Stefan De Vrij and Alexis Sanchez will be out Wednesday when Inter will face Shakhtar Donetsk. Some regulars could be initially managed, though.

Before the Napoli bout, CEO Giuseppe Marotta showed optimism about Marcelo Brozovic’s extension: “We have yet to really begin talking numbers. I am confident. I hope the player will continue with us, but I am almost certain it will happen. It would not be easy to find elsewhere what he gave to us over the years. However, the same is true the other way around, as Inter significantly helped him too.”