Inter Not Close to Selling Prodigy Carboni at This Time

Multiple teams are intrigued by Valentin Carboni, and Inter are open to evaluating the offers, but it’ll take a particularly enticing one for them to cash in on the talent. He has made the final cut for the Copa America and recently drew praise from Lionel Messi.

According to TuttoSport (via SportPaper), the Nerazzurri don’t necessarily need to sell him given his long-term contract and because their finances are in decent shape. However, they’ll have to if they want to make a splash this summer as their budget is almost non-existent. They need to weigh the pros and cons.

In his latest remarks about Carboni, Inter director Piero Ausilio indicated just two options, keeping him in the squad, but he might not play as consistently as he’d need at this stage of his career, or loaning him out again, without mentioning a sale.

There could be a third way that could suit their immediate needs but also allow them not to lose control. They could arrange a deal that includes a buy-back clause. It’d probably force them to settle for less than his €30M valuation.

Our Take on Inter and Carboni

One of the few flaws of Simone Inzaghi’s run is that they have been deficient in utilizing and grooming youngsters. There’s a chance the mandate will come from above following the Oaktree takeover, as that’s the most straightforward way to keep the balance sheets in order. The teams wealthy enough to invest in him might not be willing to play ball on the formula.

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