Inter Owner Identifies Fallback for Financial Stability

Steven Zhang continues to work behind the scenes to keep ahold of Inter ahead of the deadline of a giant loan from Oaktree. He appears to have found some help in England. He could replicate the same operation but with a different fund, La Gazzetta dello Sport informed.

The owner has about a month to find a solution, or he risks losing control of the team. The details are still being negotiated. There’s momentum toward a positive conclusion. Still, it’s possible it may be a ploy to put pressure on the other interlocutors.

Zhang, who used Inter as collateral, has been in touch with Oaktree to push the expiration date by a year or two. However, he didn’t like the conditions demanded, as the interest rate would have risen significantly, and started searching for an alternative.

The patron is in talks to obtain a €400M loan from a British fund. It would allow him to pay off the previous one and have a three-year timetable as well.

Oaktree reportedly sought reassurances about the team’s direction. They would be more lenient on renegotiating the terms if Zhang promised to bring in a new minority shareholder to inject more money into Inter.

The Chinese patron has always rebuffed the sale rumors. If successful in his intent, he’ll look to make the team more profitable in the coming seasons thanks to the new international competitions and some progress in the new stadium’s project.

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