Inter Still Bargaining Extension with Coach Inzaghi

Simone Inzaghi and Inter are set to continue together, but the negotiation to prolong his contract still needs more work. The parties seem to have found common ground on its length, until 2026, but not on the wages, SportMediaset informed.

His camp has demanded €7/7.5M annually, while the team has offered €6.5M. The gap isn’t too wide and could be closed with the add-ons. The talks basically started from scratch following the ownership change. The Nerazzurri need to continue to be disciplined about their payroll, especially following the recent extensions of Nicolò Barella and Lautaro Martinez.

Inzaghi is no stranger to putting pen to paper late in the summer since he’s been helming Inter. The signature might arrive in August just before the start of next season. Otherwise, he’d commence it as a lame-duck manager, which is unlikely.

At this stage, there are no hints or angst about a different outcome, even though more meetings will be necessary to iron out the agreement. Given Massimiliano Allegri and José Mourinho’s dismissals, he’s now the highest-paid gaffer in Serie A in terms of base salary, while Antonio Conte can outgain him thanks to some bonuses.

Our Take on Inter and Inzaghi

At some point, he might be tempted to try an experience abroad, and he’ll have the pick of the litter if he continues to build up his resume. He’s still very young after all. The Nerazzurri wouldn’t be wrong in protecting themselves against that through a longer deal.

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  1. I wonder why the director prefer rhe length of Inzaghi’s contract only two years until 2026, next year they might offer a new contract again. There’ll be no coach on his calibre are paid under 7 million Euros. Inzaghi’s works alone within 2 years has resulted hundreds of millions Euros of Inter’s earning thus far.

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