Inzaghi Worsens His Position But Will Stay at the Helm

Despite yet another dispiriting loss, Inter aren’t seriously considering firing Simone Inzaghi yet, even though he’s facing more and more scrutiny. The next three matches will be equally challenging. They will take on Barcelona twice and the high-flying Sassuolo.

As per SportMediaset, the coach irked president Steven Zhang with his remarks before the Roma clash. He stated that when he’s at the helm, the costs go down and the revenue increases, but the trophies arrive anyway.

Inter are now ten points behind the League-leading Napoli and Atalanta. They have been defeated four times already in League play. It looks like Inzaghi will make it until the World Cup break, but the temperature is rising.

The officials don’t believe a coaching change would necessarily yield the expected result. The top tacticians on the market, Thomas Tuchel, Mauricio Pochettino, and Zinedine Zidane, demand sizeable contracts. They aren’t in a position to offer one. A caretaker manager like Claudio Ranieri or Dejan Stankovic might do more harm than good. They have no real alternative to hoping the current gaffer weathers the storm and that the return of Romelu Lukaku fixes things.

Our Take on Inter and Inzaghi

The Nerazzurri are nearing the point of no return in the standings, if they haven’t reached it already. They are in a pickle because the prospective new boss is unlikely to be much better than the one on the bench now. But, if things don’t improve, and the schedule does them no favor there, the directors might have to pull the trigger just to show that they aren’t sitting on their hands while the ship is sinking. It would be uncharted territory for Giuseppe Marotta.

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