Italian Serie A 2023-2024 Season Predictions

The excitement of the Italian Serie A is back and fans are eager to find out how the clubs will perform. Many have strengthened their squad for this season, which raises the overall competitiveness of the league. Some made smart moves on the market, while others made sure to keep their players in the team.

With only 3 matches played so far, it is hard to guess how the whole season will shape up. Yet, we were still able to notice which club had the biggest potential this year. Here we will try and predict how the Italian Serie A 2023-2024 season could end up.

Who Can Win the Serie A 2023-2024?

In the past few years, winning the Serie A was a very hard thing to do. Before that, Juventus were the ultimate favourites. But, things changed and now there are several clubs competing for the title.

According to the bookmakers, Inter are the favourites for winning the league. They had an amazing start, winning their first 3 matches without conceding a goal. However, we must point out that they were very poor during the summer transfer period.

This club has a very strong first team but does not have the outstanding players on the bench. This can cost them in the long run, if they don’t sign new players in winter.

Next, we have Milan, who were very active during the transfer period. They too, won all 3 matches so far and look pretty good on the pitch. Still, their new players need more time to adapt, which can go both ways.

The depth of the Milan squad looks incredible on paper, but we do need to see their performances. If the new players manage to adapt quickly, then this club is a serious contender for the title.

Guessing who would win the Serie A is slowly becoming like the EPL predictions. At the beginning of last year, no one gave Napoli a chance and yet they dominated the league.

This season, Napoli have a new manager but managed to keep almost all of their players. The club signed a few new players and is looking very solid on the pitch. Rudi Garcia continued Luciano Spalletti’s attacking style of play, which looks deadly for most Serie A clubs.

However, defending the title is very tough in this league, as everyone wants to beat the champion. This puts a lot of pressure on the players and manager. The last two teams that won the Serie A failed to do the same in the following season.

Juventus are in the fourth place according to the odds of winning the league. This club faces a rough time and is out of the European competition due to the financial scandal. Also, they weren’t very active on the market during the summer transfer period.

Still, after all the negativity surrounding Juventus, they still are showing some very good performances. They won 2 and drew one match so far. Without the European matches, this club can focus more on the league with players who are fit and rested.

Qualifying for Europe and Relegation

When it comes to qualifying for the Champions League, Inter, Milan, Napoli, and Juventus are on top of the list. However, the same predictions occurred last year and Lazio surprised everyone.

So, the top four that we mentioned will need to compete with some other good clubs. Among them are Lazio, Roma, and Atalanta. Lazio had a rough start but managed to turn things around with a win against the champions Napoli.

Roma built a stronger team than last year and is set to compete with the best this season. The only problem that this club faces regards the players’ fitness.

Next, Atalanta have the least chance of qualifying for the Champions League, but miracles do happen in football. If Gian Piero Gasperini maintains the club’s form, then they can surely surprise all fans. Fiorentina also have a strong team, but at the moment, they can only compete for the Europa League.

When it comes to the Serie A relegations, Empoli and Cagliari are leading the race. Frosinone and Salernitana will also fight to remain in the league next season. Yet, we must mention that with the right motivation and approach each of these teams can avoid going to Serie B.