Italy and Napoli Officially Release New Kits

After almost 20 years with Puma at the helm, Italy today launched their snazzy new Adidas home and away shirts. There was a lot of hype in the build-up to the launch, and so far they seem to be going down quite well with the public. Both the home and away feature a marble effect and some subtle tricolour detailing. The home shirt will make its debut in March’s EURO qualifier against England.

A few hours after the photos of Italy’s new gear went online, Napoli managed to steal their thunder. Since EA7 partnered with i Partenopei as their kit-maker, they’ve developed a fondness for releasing a huge number of jerseys each year. Last season they had multiple Maradona tribute editions among others, and this season they’ve already launched special shirts for Halloween (again) and Christmas. Sticking with the holiday trend, they’ve given us their latest kit which is sure to create some controversy, the Valentino edition.

Our Take on Italy And Napoli’s New Kits

Adidas have played it quite safe with their first effort and fans of gli Azzurri and football kits in general should be satisfied with this perfectly decent pair. The marble look is something of a break from tradition and it works particularly well on the away shirt. Not a bad start at all from Adidas.

As for the Napoli shirt, it would be a pretty run of the mill design if it wasn’t for the lipstick kiss on the front. That giant red graphic certainly catches the eye, though. For most other clubs it would probably rank among their worst kits of all time. For Napoli however, it’s not even their worst of the season. At least the money raised from its sales is going to a good cause; local charities that help victims of domestic abuse.