Italy and Turkey Officialized as Joint Euro 2032 Hosts

As widely expected, UEFA announced that Italy and Turkey will host Euro 2032 together, marking the return of a major event to the Peninsula since the 1990 World Cup. President Gabriele Gravina rejoiced to Sky.

“It’s a historic event for us. We had been chasing it. Forty-two years is the right time to concentrate our efforts and prove our great organizational capabilities once again. We obtained a substantial period of time to collect our ideas and complete the projects. The deadline is October 1st, 2026. We have three years.”

“We’re not too far behind as far on the stadiums. Three of them have already been judged positively. We need two or three more. However, we must not exhaust our work only on the cities that will host the matches. Euro 2032 must be a great opportunity for the whole country to develop, build, and revolutionize the infrastructures in our country.”

Gravina was quizzed about the joint bid.

“Football must be a vehicle of contamination and a historical phenomenon that tears down walls. This will be one of the biggest opportunities to do that in Europe.”

“We must demolish the red tape, and not stop at that. We need a cultural breakthrough on this matter and should work together to make it happen. I trust that the government will support us. A commissioner would be well-received, but we can’t think he’d solve things on his own.”

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