Italy and Turkey to Be Named as Euro 2032 Hosts Soon

Italy and Turkey are set to be formally awarded the organization of the 2032 European Championship next Tuesday. The two federations officialized their joint bid back on July 28th. UEFA announced to have received the project on Wednesday.

It will be assessed by the Executive Committee. Consequently, the TFF’s attempt to host the 2028 tournament is considered withdrawn. The two countries will run unopposed but will still have to illustrate their plan.

As a result of the turn of events, the 2028 edition will take place in the United Kingdom. Russia were in the running before the war in Ukraine.

According to Panorama, Italy decided to join forces with Turkey to quash any doubt, as it might have been bested for Euro 2032, even though it was the favorite. The execs wanted to be certain rather than stay in limbo. The wait to host another major competition had they come up empty-handed would have been too long.

FIGC president Gabriele Gravina initially intended to compete for 2028 but changed his mind to have more time. The Italian FA felt there wasn’t enough political support for a solo bid. Moreover, the joint one will be easier to handle from the infrastructural standpoint, which is always a sore spot for the Peninsula. Which of the ten cities will be cut for the list has yet to be revealed.

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