Italy Asking for More Time to Decide on Fans at Olimpico for Euro 2021

Rome was one of the four locations on which UEFA withheld judgment regarding their viability for Euro 2021, alongside Munich, Bilbao, and Dublin. While the Italian government has given its green light to allow fans on the stands, the technical-scientifical committee stated that it is impossible to set a percentage now. On the other hand, the international federation wants a firm answer by April 19th.

Professor Franco Locatelli, the coordinator of the body, discussed the matter with Gazzetta dello Sport and Radio 1: “We are in talks with the sport undersecretary Valentina Vezzali and the FIGC to be given more time to work on the protocols. If we could wait until the first days of May, it would be more feasible to make a prediction more aligned to the epidemiologic situation in the country. It is challenging to do it two months in advance.”

“Mass gatherings are surely difficult to handle. That being said, we do not underestimate the economic and social value of the event. The cabinet will make the final call, we provide some technical support with our advice.”

UEFA demanded certainties about how many supporters will be able to attend the matches at the Olimpico Stadium. Repubblica reports that, amidst some diplomatic tensions between the two nations, Turkey has proposed replacing Rome as one of the hosts, also for the opening ceremony. The Champions League final will be played in Istanbul on May 19th, plus it would be closer to Baku, where the other games of Group A will take place.