Italy Passed on Joining Bid to Host the 2030 World Cup

Italy was awarded the joint organization of the 2032 European Championship with Turkey, but it had the chance to host the 2030 World Cup along with Saudi Arabia and Egypt. They passed on the opportunity for a few reasons, as federal president Gabriele Gravina told TV2000 (via OneFootball).

“The moral matters are fundamental in the sports world. We always talk about values, which need to be respected at all times. We constantly try to convey how key it is to cultivate passion and how important the brand is. Interests tend to predominate in this moment of booming globalization, and the Federation experienced that first-hand.”

Gravina disclosed why they didn’t accept the proposal.

“We refused convincingly despite the strong chances to succeed due to some international issues tied to the Giulio Regeni case and because Italy doesn’t share the same values as the other countries. We can’t always act as if nothing happened.”

Gravina closed with some remarks about Roberto Mancini leaving Italy and the betting scandal

“His choice was disappointing not on a sporting level, but on a human one. I felt betrayed since I always considered him a friend. Besides the technical decision, it’s a wound that struggles to heal.”

“As for the gambling cases, football is considered the culprit, but those things are legal. The Italian justice won’t levy punishments contrary to us. We need more education. I’d say it’s a social disease that affected our sport too.”

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