Jorginho Likely to Return to Italy if Arsenal Let Him Go

Jorginho has recaptured a prominent role with Arsenal and Italy in the last month or so. He’s highly likely to make the Euro squad. Instead, the Gunners will need to pick up an option to keep him. His agent Joao Santos spoke to Radio Sportiva.

“I was at the stadium for the latest Azzurri games. They are on the right path and won two important friendlies against Venezuela and Ecuador.”

The regista has been heavily criticized for his missed PKs.

“Jorginho lifted the trophy in Wembley. It’s right to focus on the positive aspects of his career and not just on the negative episodes. That’s how football works. I hope he’ll be able to do the same in Germany.”

The agent dished on Arsenal.

“Their group is their strength, and they are at the top in the Premier League. They are in a great position. They advanced in the Champions League, where they will face Bayern Munich. The final stretch of the season will be filled with emotions.”

Jorginho is technically on an expiring contract.

“We’ll talk with them first because he’s doing well. If they need him again next season….”

If he didn’t stay, the midfielder would try to head back to Serie A.

“This often happens in football. He played in Italy his entire life and likes it a lot. Why not?”

Our Take on Jorginho

Maestros tend to age like fine wine, and there are a few sides who could use one, but he makes over €6M.

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