Jorginho: “We Want to Lift the Spirits of the Italian People in the Euro”

Chelsea and Italy midfielder Jorginho will try to join the elite group of players that won both the Champions League and the Euro in the same summer. He gave an interview to Rai Wednesday night, underlining the importance of the tournament for himself and the whole country.

“Every player will bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the Euro. It will be my first major competition with the national team, and I care a lot about it. Italy and its people suffered a lot this year. Sports can provide positive things and big emotions; it would be very nice to do something to lift their spirits.”

“Roberto Mancini was very important, especially because he showed great confidence in me. Our journey together with the Azzurri was rewarding; we deserve to be where we are right now. However, we have to stay grounded because there is still a lot more to achieve.”

Jorginho arrived late after the successful Oporto final alongside his teammate Emerson: “In moments like this, I close my eyes and think about what I went through to follow my dream and reach this point. My Brazilian part gave me good technique, while the desire to practice constantly at a high level and the will to win from come from the Italian mentality I acquired.”

The midfielder closed with a remark on Giacomo Raspadori, who was a surprise addition to the squad: “I always try to give the youngsters some advice. I do not know him well yet; I will have the opportunity to do so in the next few days.”