Juventus Ace and Coach Not Yet Fully on the Same Page

Federico Chiesa has scored just once in the last two months, and the concerns about his Juventus future are beginning to intensify for a few reasons, primarily his short-term contract and a rocky relationship with Massimiliano Allegri, TuttoSport informs.

The two butted heads in the summer over his tactical collocation. The player has never fully bought in on being a striker, even though he fared well there in the early going. Since a tactical change isn’t in the cards, the two will need to find common ground about what the attacker is supposed to do on the pitch.

In addition, Chiesa has just 17 months left on his contract with Juventus, which might also be affecting him. There have been no advancements in the negotiation. There might not be until the end of the season, which would be tricky for the team timing-wise.

The 25-year-old made the starting lineup for the first time in 2024 against Udinese after dealing with knee and thigh problems in previous weeks. He looked perplexed as the coach replaced him in the 77th minute while the Bianconeri needed to score.

Our Take on Juventus and Chiesa

His deal is a legitimate problem, but the bond might be strong enough to find a solution even late in the game. As for the other stuff, the recurring small injuries are his main issue. All the worries would be quashed if he managed to get in tip-top shape by playing consistently.

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