Juventus Actually Ways Away from Signing Calafiori

Juventus were one of the first sides to pursue Riccardo Calafiori, making strides on personal terms, but his brilliant showings in Euro 2024 don’t work in their favor. Moreover, Bologna have never been lenient about the terms to acquire him, Fabrizio Romano reports (via SOSFanta).

The Felsinei didn’t like that the Old Lady approached Thiago Motta while he was under contract with them, so the two clubs are on the best of terms. The Bianconeri will have to tender a very sizeable offer to overcome such an issue.

Juventus have an agreement in place with Calafiori but are far from concurring to a fee with Bologna. The Rossoblù always intended to wait for the end of international competition to start negotiating with his suitors. They continue to harbor hope to keep him and then sell him for a higher sum in 2025 after he stars in the Champions League.

The Felsinei believe some top foreign sides, especially from the Premier League, could lodge a rich bid in the coming weeks. They need the figure to be as high as possible to cash in properly since they owe 40 percent of it to Basel.

Our Take on Juventus and Calafiori

Bologna have no interest in rushing things. His valuation will only go up the furthest Italy go in the Euro and the more deep-pocketed teams lay eyes on him. It’d be nice if they were able to keep at least one of their stars.

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