Juventus and Inter Outbidding Napoli on Zielinski Deal

While the negotiation between Piotr Zielinski and Napoli is lagging, Juventus and Inter are sharpening their knives to tussle for a Bosman addition. Director Cristiano Giuntoli brought him to Campania back in the day, while Giuseppe Marotta is a specialist in the area.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the Pole turned down the latest offer by the Scudetto winners. They proposed to lower his wages by €1M, thus to €2.5M plus add-ons till 2027.

Zielinski is keen on staying but wants a better contract, which he would get if he switched allegiances to Juventus or Inter. The Bianconeri exec has already met with his agent Bartolomej Bolek a few times. They’d confirm his current salary for the next three seasons.

Instead, the Nerazzurri could offer up to €4M annually. His wife and family are pushing for him to stay put, which was one of the main reasons why he didn’t move to Saudi Arabia. The Azzurri will consider Winter offers from foreign sides if they don’t make progress.

Our Take on Zielinski, Juventus, and Inter

Napoli are already way into overtime on the matter, and they are leveraging what happened last summer to get a favorable deal, believing those factors will be enough to keep ahold of him again. They are surely playing with fire, though. If there weren’t bad blood between the sides, they’d open talks to negotiate a January transfer to Turin, but it won’t happen.

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