Juventus Continue to Lose a Ton of Money Each Year

Juventus expect to be massively in the red this season, likely even more than in the past one, even though they tightened the belt on the transfer market. However, their financial numbers should improve in the coming campaigns. They could break even in 2026/2027, which would be a rare event for them, Calcio e Finanza relays.

The Bianconeri recently disclosed their financial results for the second semester of 2023, which ended with a €95M loss. They are paying the price primarily for not playing in the Champions League. Moreover, they had fewer ‘plusvalenze’ last summer. They were still benefitting from the sale of Matthijs De Ligt in the past session.

The situation should get relatively better in the next six months. In addition, Juventus announced that their debts are set to decrease thanks to the effects of their latest capital increase. It was taken care of by their holding company Exor for the most part.

The Bianconeri estimate they could be in the black in two campaigns. Despite their ongoing slump, they have a substantial lead over the clubs outside the Champions League zone. They haven’t included the potential participation in the Club’s World Cup in their projections. They basically need Napoli to get eliminated by Barcelona to qualify.

Per La Stampa, Juventus missed out on €85.6M due to their exclusion from the cups considering prize money, game-day revenues, and TV rights (-€47.3M). Their transfer market moves generated €25.5M less earnings than in the summer of 2022.

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