Juventus Could Face Domestic Sanctions Without Agreement with UEFA

The Italian Football Association could punish Juventus if they did not reconcile with UEFA after the collapse of the Super League project. President Gabriele Gravina said that the exclusion from Serie A is still on the table as a worst-case scenario.

The official spoke in a wide-ranging interview to the Radio Anch’io Lo Sport: “I hope this controversy can be solved as soon as possible, maybe in a matter of hours. We are all tired of this fight between UEFA and the three rebel clubs. I hope I can serve as a mediator. It is a situation that does not help international or Italian football, nor Juventus.”

On the possible penalties: “FIGC respects the rules, and they say that teams that do not accept our and UEFA principles can not participate to Serie A. They are simple ones, written in the Olympic Charter and reiterated in the rulebooks of the domestic and international federations. They clearly indicate the exclusivity in the management of the sport. Juventus, Barcelona, and Real Madrid are in the wrong.”

Gravina also weighed in on the revised Coppa Italia format: “I think it is a strategic mistake connected to a work method that unfortunately characterizes our industry. The dialogue between the different components is lacking; they need to speak and share their ideas and projects more. It is not linked to Super League, but they wanted to decongest an objectively busy schedule, plus the 2022 World Cup will cut the season in half. The Federation will play its role in the matter.”