Juventus Exec Comments on New Signings, Donnarumma and Haaland

Juventus director Federico Cherubini expounded on the newcomers in his interview. “We have plotted an investment plan for years to come. We will focus primarily on acquiring youngsters with upside, possibly Italian ones.”

He spoke Tuttosport: “The negotiation for Manuel Locatelli was transparent, and that is why it seemed long. Theoretically, we could have stood pat as the roster was complete. However, Arthur underwent surgery, and so we decided to anticipate this acquisition. He fits the new Juventus policy.”

Moise Kean is not a saint, but also not a bad boy. We sold him for a good sum two years ago, and now he is back for an adequate fee considering his growth. The departure of Ronaldo closes a cycle; he opens a new one. Bringing back somebody from the youth academy is an example for the others.”

Juventus did not pursue Gianluigi Donnarumma: “We have a goalkeeper with a long-term contract, and we believe in him. Replacing him was not our priority, and we could not have two starters like PSG.”

“We wanted a young striker to back up Alvaro Morata. Kaio Jorge fully adheres to our plan, and he has a very interesting skill-set. We are sorry for this injury, but he has great enthusiasm. He is also super professional and focused on football.”

Mohamed Ihattaren would have had a few similar players ahead of him had he stayed here. We sent him out on loan so he could blossom. He would have been in limbo. He is readier than Kaio Jorge, who comes from a different continent.”

Juventus almost signed Erling Haaland before he joined RB Salzburg: “It is certainly a regret. Proposing initial loans can discourage young players at times. We had just created the second team, and that eventuality was not very alluring to him.”