Juventus Executives Continue Backing Allegri amid Woes

Despite the recent results, Massimiliano Allegri has the full support of the Juventus brass. Even another dud versus Monza is unlikely to affect their stance. Considering the extra busy schedule in October, there won’t be time for a proper coaching change until the World Cup break, TuttoSport relays.

The higher-ups clearly wish for better performances but are willing to concede the alibi of the absences. On that front, the management will give more responsibilities to athletic trainer Giovanni Andreini. He was hired in the summer to oversee the physical performances of every squad. He previously worked under Roberto Donadoni.

As per La Gazzetta dello Sport, firing Allegri would have massive economic ramifications, and that’s a factor too. The gaffer is under contract until 2025 and earns €7.5M annually plus add-ons. The rumors of a clause to terminate it early without paying the entire salary have never been confirmed. When the club sacked him to hire Maurizio Sarri, the parties didn’t come to terms on a severance package. He stayed unemployed for two years while still cashing checks from the Bianconeri.

On the other hand, the Tuscan boss doesn’t have many allies among the players. Angel Di Maria and Arkadiusz Milik were seen openly questioning a sub after the loss to Benfica. The manager picked them over other options during the summer, but that doesn’t mean they are among his supporters. Leonardo Bonucci, Danilo, and Wojciech Szczesny are the only veterans that have a long-standing bond with him.

Our Take on Allegri and Juventus

Since the Old Lady doesn’t make rushed decisions, the only real window for a coaching change will be in November. Considering the financial aspects, things would have to continue going as ugly as recently for it to happen. Losing the locker room would be another triggering factor.

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