Juventus Headed for Point Deduction as Charges Hold Up

Juventus got the 15 points back following a partially successful appeal by the College of Guarantee, which sent the trial back to the Federal Court of Appeal. The body released its motivations Monday. They suggested reducing the punishment but fully confirmed the validity of the charges, La Repubblica reports.

The previous top execs of the Bianconeri have ultimately been handed lengthy suspensions for breaching Article Four of the rulebook related to sports loyalty. The document reads.

“The facts arising from the evidence collected after the two previous acquittals were relevant for disciplinary purposes. There was a knowing and repeated alteration of the balance sheets through numerous capital gains whole values were fictitious. The incorrect behaviors were systematic and stemmed from a preordained plan. It was necessary to issue a severe sanction considering the infractions.”

Therefore, the College considered lawful the request to reopen the previous trial, something the club’s attorney had argued against.

“The new elements, which weren’t previously available to the federal courts, didn’t change the accusations but only added to the factual framework and better defined its content. As a team, Juventus have to answer for the misconducts of their representatives, who were deferred for violating Article Four in the first place.”

The organ only contested the convictions of the executives and board members that no power of attorney, which were considered too generic. They could be cleared, leading to an inferior point deduction since it results from the punishments against the officials. The next hearing will be set within 15 days with a different composition of the Court of Appeal.

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