Juventus in Wait-and-See Mode Ahead of New Judgement

Juventus will learn the amount of their point deduction on May 22nd, when the case will be heard again by the Court of Appeal after the College of Guarantee’s decision to temporarily nullify the punishment due to secondary aspects. The Bianconeri are set to be convicted again since the charges against most of their top executives at the time held up.

According to La Gazzetta della Sport, the new penalty will be less than 15 points but unlikely to be inferior than 9. It was what federal prosecutor Giuseppe Chinè had requested in the first place. The Old Lady could potentially appeal and argue about technicalities again.

The new sanction will also impact the new trial for further plusvalenze, irregularities on wages during the pandemic, and dubious relationships with clubs and agents, which has yet to start. The deadline for the referral is May 27th.

Juventus will wait for the upcoming ruling before deciding whether to enter a plea bargain. However, a mild point deduction could deter the accusation from negotiating. Instead, a hefty one could convince the club to go all the way in their legal battle. It could also happen at a later stage but with less discount on the proposed sanction.

Chief Football Officer Francesco Calvo dished on the topic before the Sevilla match (via Calcio e Finanza).

“It was another eve filled with off-the-pitch dynamics. The squad has to stay concentrated, as the lawyers take care of those. We believe to have the ammo to defend ourselves. Whether we’ll appeal again or not will hinge on the outcome on May 22nd and whether our reasons will be taken into consideration.”

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