Juventus Lawyers Accused of Playing Key Role in Suarez Fake Exam

The district attorney’s office of Perugia has closed the investigation on the bogus language test of Luis Suarez. The heads of the University that carried it out and Juventus lawyer Maria Turco are being accused of false misrepresentation. The prosecutors are expected to send them to trial, Repubblica reports. The player and other executives have not been notified.

According to the document, Turco, as the legal counsel appointed the club, morally concurred and instigated the violation. The faculty members allegedly organized a test session in a hurry only to satisfy the strict timetable because Suarez had to get the citizenship before the end of the transfer market window.

Giuliana Grego Bolli, Simone Olivieri, former directors of the University for Foreigners of Perugia, and professors Stefania Spina and Lorenzo Rocca have also been charged for breach of official secrecy. They sent the Uruguayan striker the list of questions beforehand. Rocca has already plea-bargained his punishment.

The prosecutors believe they put themselves at the disposal of Juventus to exploit the potential advantages of a future collaboration, in particular as it pertains to the opportunity of teaching the young players and growing the brand at an international level.

Eventual sanctions on the sporting side have been slowed down because of the ongoing investigation. They will likely take shape only after the trial if the defendants are found guilty. The Bianconeri stopped pursuing the acquisition of Suarez right before the rumors about the inquiry begun to emerge as they did not think the process would have been completed in time. They signed Alvaro Morata instead.