Juventus Planning to Hand New Contract to Another Mainstay

Paulo Dybala’s one is not the only contract extension Juventus are working on these days. The deal of Juan Cuadrado is also up in 2022. However, it includes a clause that would automatically prolong it for another year if some personal goals are met in the current season.

The management does not seem too keen on waiting for that to happen, Calciomercato.com reports. While the future of the Colombian speedster does not appear in doubt, they wish to come to terms with him sooner rather than later.

Cuadrado currently makes €5M per year, and the front office is not planning to trim his salary. Therefore, there should not be problems on the monetary side, the site indicates. They may add some performance-based bonuses depending on the requests by his entourage. The new contract could directly run through 2024 or feature the same mechanism of the current one.

The winger has been with Juventus since 2015, initially joining on loan from Chelsea. The Bianconeri bought him out for €20M in 2017. He has accumulated 229 appearances, bagging 20 goals and providing 54 assists. He contributed to five domestic titles and four Coppa Italia wins.

His mother recently spoke to JuveNews: “We have not discussed this topic yet, but I know he will do what is best for him and everybody involved. He was sorry for how the season started, but things are going better now. I think he wants to finish his career in his home country, like every Colombian, but there is still some time before that happens.”