Juventus President Andrea Agnelli Key Figure in Super League Creation

Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli has been one of the main driving forces behind the Super League. He will serve as vice president of the new competition alongside Joel Glazier, while Florentino Perez will helm the consortium of the 15 founding clubs. He has resigned from his position as president of the European Club Association and from the UEFA board.

Serie A held an emergency council yesterday at noon while the rumors were intensifying. They tagged along with the statement by UEFA, FIFA, and the other domestic leagues. Atalanta, Verona, and Cagliari asked to exclude Juventus, Inter, and Milan from the league. A lengthy legal battle with potentially explosive ramifications is set to commence at every level. The three top teams believe Serie A could not survive without them, Repubblica reports.

Agnelli, who had routinely hinted at the project over the years, has come under fire for his role in the negotiation with the private equity funds. He was initially a proponent of creating a media company and selling a stake to CVC, Advent, and FSI, which would have allowed Italian teams to share €1.7B. However, he later changed his mind and ultimately opposed it, contributing to shooting down the project. One of the contract clauses would have prohibited Serie A clubs from joining a Super League for ten years.

Multiple outfits have switched sides on the matter midway through the process, officially because the sale of TV rights yielded a much higher sum than initially anticipated. However, as hinted by Sassuolo CEO Giovanni Carnevali today, the other clubs now suspect that the Juventus executive stirred them in that direction because he was aware that the new cup was upcoming, Gazzetta dello Sport reports.