Juventus Put an End to Speculations Concerning Allegri

Juventus CEO Maurizio Scanavino has confirmed that Massimiliano Allegri would stay at the helm and dished on a few hot-button topics in an interview with Sky.

“He has never been in question for us. There’s complete agreement about future scenarios, from the handling of the sporting side to the organization within the current challenging economic and financial situation of the team. We are in touch daily.”

“We weathered the storm together, and our bond grew stronger. There have been some clashes along the way, even harsh but rare, but always filled with constructive criticism and desire to do what was best for the team. The performances on the pitch could have been better, but they would have led us to third place without the point deduction, and we competed for two trophies.”

Scanavino suggested that they wouldn’t wait for Cristiano Giuntoli for a long time.

“He’s under contract with Napoli and it wouldn’t be correct for us to comment further. We need concrete things to forge ahead and leave the uncertainty behind. We aren’t dwelling on situations that hang in the balance. Two days after being hired, we created a group with chief football official Francesco Calvo and promoting Giovanni Manna from the Next Gen side. The latter has fared very well and proved his worth. Starting today, he’ll tend to the transfer market in its totality. The former will take care of the more managerial aspects.”

Scanavino commented on UEFA and their decision about the Super League.

“The two things aren’t correlated. We informed Real Madrid and Barcelona that we might bow out. The investigation is ongoing. We don’t have any element to pass our judgment or discuss.”

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